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Best Equipment for the Job

Site Lines LLC uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Conventional Elecro-Magnetic Pipe and Cable  Locators to Locate Utilities throughout the state of Florida.  

Utility depth and location can be marked on the ground surface and also used to generate scaled AutoCAD drawings if more permanent documentation is desired. 

Experienced Leadership

Site Lines LLC was created by Bill Hardy in November of 2016 and has already completed over 200 projects from Pensacola to Key West.  Bill has a B.S. in geology and over 20 years of experience in environmental consulting and conducting geophysical investigations focused on utility locating.  

Budget Conscious and Insured

We are strategically positioned to provide the highest level of service at a low cost. Site Lines LLC also has the insurance, health and safety programs and training necessary to help protect the company and the clients.

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Site Lines LLC

1143 59th Ave N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33703, US

(727) 432-9482 / bhardy@sitelinesllc.com